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Just DO IT!! – The end of CFox Photos

Reinvention is an amazing thing. I’ve been meeting, and getting to know some interesting people lately. People like Edson (, Bethy (, Truchard, Cat (, Hugo, Kierra, Lesford, and Darius just to name a few. From their inspiration and me just missing the happiness of taking pictures, meeting new people, photo editing, & pushing myself comes the reinvention of ma photo biz in two big steps:

1. New Name!!!!!

What’s a reinvention without a new name… or heck why not two?

CFox photos is no more, instead it will be as follows:

FoxC Pix: (Real radical name change? Yes I know lol)  The main division for portraits, graduation, and other personal shoots

FoX Photos: (Thanks to Thessicar for the name suggestion way back when) A subdivision of FoxC Pix featuring Nature, landscape, basically anything non human

2. Upcoming Themed Shoots: June – August

FoxC Pix

  1. 50’s Gangsta – Tommy guns, booze, and other fantastic pinstripe thuggish things.
  2. Ode to America – 4th of July is coming up, why not celebrate early?
  3. Body Modification – Body art in the form of hairdos, henna, tattoos, & piercings. Show em’ off people! I’ll be making calls!

FoX Photos

  1. House of God Forever – From Christianity to Hinduism to Islam. Places and people of worship.
  2. Fractured World through Fractured Glass – Awesome things in nature (already on Facebook)
  3. History of the Gators – University of Florida Architecture and the history behind it.


People! Get ready to be models

Models! Get ready to look finetastic.

Nature! Don’t die just yet.

Craig! Get to work bud learn some new stuff and put it to work!

Hope you enjoy and please comment, critique, and throw in some of your creativity. Well, I’ve got to fly ladies and gents, there is a lot of work to do. I would love to have you come along for the ride.

–          Craig Fox


Yet Another Flower

Yet Another Flower, originally uploaded by Fox Pix.

Gotta love Nature!!