FABalama Monday

Sorry guys, I left my flash card at home today so the only pics I have are of the end of the day. But today we went to the Alabama Cares office and met up with Dan. He told us a lot of information and answered a lot of questions. It is sad that southern states are so backwards with their laws and are so slow to react to the AIDS crisis, when their number are rising faster then other states that address the problem.

From there we went to the 15th street homeless center downtown. I met a man named Thomas who had been homeless quite some time. He told me how there is plenty of space available for women but men have less then 50 beds available. Which as you can guess can lead to a lot of time on the street which gets you more mixed up with police. Thomas had a great idea of how to get local benefits together. He ha such a positive outlook on his future and spirituality. Only hope the best for him.

Magnolia place was our last stop for the day. It is an apartment complex which houses people with HIV/Aids. We met a Josh (19), Paris. Aids affects so many other people besides those just suffering and unfortunately a lot of the time, those affected most are the children. I am seeing that over and over, Aids is no where near a personal issue.

After that we went back to the church then went exploring downtown. Got my cam back and took some shots:

Outside the Government Street United Methodist Church we are staying in

At a fountain downtown

Just a Mcdonald’s but i thought it looked good

Alex climbing the vines!


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