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FABalama Friday

So today is the day before last. This is our last day of service ūüė¶ ¬†it’s been a blast. For today we went to Robert’s farm in the southwest corner of Alabama, a full 0.5 mi from the Mississippi border. He is an awesome man. When he has a surplus of produce, he sells it at the market and gives it to South Alabama Cares, or gives the produce to them directly so they can store it in their pantry. While we were there we…. how abut I just let you see ūüôā We had a blast!

Alex planting tomatos

Dani and Dynora

Redneck magic carpet ride!

The dog likes nora a lil too much

There is a song behind this pic

Get it Nicole!

Nora on the tractor, sigh it broke ūüė¶

After the Farm we wen’t to Mississippi which was 0.5 mi down the road

In 2 states at once

South Alabama Cares took us out to eat at the oyster house

After lunch we went downtown to the art festival, too bad neither actually knows what they are looking at lol

The string game!


FABalama Thursday

Today we first started at Greg’s house. Greg has had HIV for 17 years, the doctors told him he had 6 months to live and his neighbor don’t like homosexuals, so they harass him. Yet when we me him he was open, thankf¬†thankful, positive and friendly. He doesn’t let HIV define him and he doesn’t allow the hatred from others to reduce his own humanity. Ok enough talk, here are the pics.

Greg is in the back third from the left ( The white dude with brown hair)

SK & Dynora killing the tree

It was also Will’s last day ūüė¶ he left to go to N. Carolina with his acapella group. So the FAB group is down to 13.

After all of that we went home played polker/watched a movei then went to sleep. I can’t believe it is one more day. I’ve had so much fun. I need to enjoy theses last two days to the fullest.

FABalama Wednesday

Today we started the day at Alabama Cares. We were spliting into two groups . One to stay behind and another to go to a house to do service. I was in the group that stayed behind. We started‚Ķ well actually we got delayed by the fact that someone had siphoned the Gasoline from AL Care’s van. Enough talk on to the pics

So some jackass stole the gasoline from Alabama Care’s van so they had to fill up

The ladies filing at the main office

Jess working on them leaves!

Will and Dani

After the work was done we were suppose to go to the beach but because of the rain we wen’t downtown, explored, and had dinner and a¬†restaurant.

we like jumping pics

downtown shenanigans

Good food, good people.

FABalama Tuesday

So today we went by a women named Karren who has HIV.¬† She is also taking care of her son’s child. It is amazing the hell that some people have to go through.

When we first arrived I was thinking why the heck are we doing yard work when we are suppose to be working with people. Then I began to realize that the people we were doing work for were so hurt by HIV/Aids to the point where they couldn’t take care of their own homes.

We also went to a mans house that had a beautiful garden that he couldn’t upkeep because he was in such bad shape. His home looked like a place that use to hold a lot of parties, it was sad knowing the amount of independence he lost.

Doing yard work at Karen’s

Having fun on the trampolines

RegMeg playing with Jason

When we got back home we partied! lol

FABalama Monday

Sorry guys, I left my flash card at home today so the only pics I have are of the end of the day. But today we went to the Alabama Cares office and met up with Dan. He told us a lot of information and answered a lot of questions. It is sad that southern states are so backwards with their laws and are so slow to react to the AIDS crisis, when their number are rising faster then other states that address the problem.

From there we went to the 15th street homeless center downtown. I met a man named Thomas who had been homeless quite some time. He told me how there is plenty of space available for women but men have less then 50 beds available. Which as you can guess can lead to a lot of time on the street which gets you more mixed up with police. Thomas had a great idea of how to get local benefits together. He ha such a positive outlook on his future and spirituality. Only hope the best for him.

Magnolia place was our last stop for the day. It is an apartment complex which houses people with HIV/Aids. We met a Josh (19), Paris. Aids affects so many other people besides those just suffering and unfortunately a lot of the time, those affected most are the children. I am seeing that over and over, Aids is no where near a personal issue.

After that we went back to the church then went exploring downtown. Got my cam back and took some shots:

Outside the Government Street United Methodist Church we are staying in

At a fountain downtown

Just a Mcdonald’s but i thought it looked good

Alex climbing the vines!

FABalama Sunday

Today we continued with a lot of relaxation before the week starts and we get to serious work. So on the itinerary we have

1. A visit to Alabama Cares member’s house Kennen Philip

2. A sepecial HIV/Aids church service at New Dimensions

First I started wondering around the church we are staying at. It is so huge and has so many creepy rooms, great for pictures!

The stained glass window on the east side of the church

Our first stop was Kennen Philips house, he works for Alabama Cares. His house is better than most model homes I’ve seen and the staff was so welcoming, got so relaxing I forgot to take more pictures lol but here are some.

From left to right: Alex, John and Megan

(John is our main contact in Mobile, the man knows so many people in the community and is one of those people who makes you want to be a better person. We called him our grandpa)

The whole crew!


From left to right: Eugenia, Dynora, John, S.K.

We then went to the church service at New Dimensions. It was so live! I mean people were catching the Holy Spirit like a bucket on a rainy day lol.

Cynthia Boykin with Pastor King.

Cynthia Boykin has had HIV for 18 years. Instead of getting angry and bitter, she accepts it as ¬†God’s call on her life to reach out to others. She said she always knew God had a plan for her life and having HIV and being a witness is it! Simply amazing.

FABalama Saturday

So for spring break I’m a participant with Florida Alternative Breaks (FAB). They go on various community service trips and ours is for HIV/Aids in Mobile, AL. Our group is getting along really well and I’m looking forward to having an awesome time getting to know everyone, learn a lot, and help where I can. Saturday was the beginning so enough talk, lets boggie!

Today we met up at 12 in the Commuter Lot to leave, our trip thankfully left at 12:00 PM and not mad early in the morning like most other trips.

Some of the ladies in FAB when we just got shirts!

On the road

Our living quarters

The discovery of Dynora’s N-Sync fandom

Well that’s all for now, long drive, sleep time, my bed is the one closest w/ the¬†burgundy¬†pillow