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Blast From The Past

Here are some of the portrait photography pics I took  before the switch to nature and still-life.

One of my friends currently who does a little modeling on the side.

Recent Gator grad Mike.

Fellow civil engineer but she whats to go to med school. Girl has no limits!

Stay tunned for part 2 then I’ll get to work on the current stuff.


Why Fingers in the Center?

What’s up with the title  “Fingers in the Center?”

In Hinduism, the hand can be broken up into three parts.

1. The fingers – Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth)

2. The palm –  Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge)

3. The center of the hand –  Govinda (Lord Krishna)

At my friend Pooja’s youth group  a member made the comment that when we increase in wealth and knowledge we can get arrogant and stray away from our faith. When the palm is held straight, furthest from the center (Lord Krishna), the fingers (Goddess of wealth) are different lengths. However, when the  palm is closed and the fingers kept closest to the center, the fingers form a straight line. So basically the message is by keeping knowledge and wealth close to God, you keep things in order.